Strong individual student advising has been central to School One’s success from the start. School One’s founders developed an advising system that empowers students to take the lead, and we’ve deepened that approach over four decades.

School One students learn responsibility for their education because we give them ownership and the guidance they need when they need it. From choosing classes to planning for life after high school, students are expected to lead with caring adults supporting them as they take on increased responsibility. Advisors are cheerleaders, coaches, deadline enforcers, and caring mentors.

  • an advisor who they see every day and who works with a small group of 10-12 students.
  • a college counselor, who supports students and families in exploring options after graduation.
  • a team of teachers who meet regularly to review each student’s progress.
  • if needed, a social worker who coordinates support for students and families.
  • if needed, a special education coordinator who can make sure any needed services are in place in place.
  • building strong partnerships with parents, advisors, students, teachers and staff. Advisors communicate regularly with parents and are available by phone, email or in person, as needed.
  • consulting with the school social worker if students are struggling emotionally or socially. They review weekly progress reports for their special ed advisees. They work closely with our college guidance counselor to help students plan for life after high school in Rhode Island and beyond.

Talk to a current student or parent and learn how students benefit from our personalized program. Use our online inquiry form or call us at (401) 331-2497.