School One offers every student academic rigor within a supportive environment. We don’t have loud bells, a crowded cafeteria or bullying. Our close-knit, community atmosphere enables every student to lower their guard at school and fully engage in learning and growing. The most common word parents use to describe our program? “Transformative.”

We take seriously the needs of students whose emotional, health or learning needs require extra attention and support. School One's personalized school culture is a great fit for students seeking an opportunity to learn at their own pace or who may need some flexibility in how they reach an academic standard.

Students in our Academic Support program are fully integrated into School One, but they received some extra, expert help. Our special education team provides a Resource Class where students get help with coursework and coaching on study skills and organization. In our Resource Class we help with reading strategies, note-taking, and time management. We also provide a weekly progress update to parents.

Our Academic Support program is based on 4 core principles

Some of our students are placed at School One by their home districts who pay School One's special education high school tuition. Some students are placed by their parents, knowing that their child's learning differences and talents require special support. We welcome an opportunity to learn about your needs and share more about the specialized services available at School One. Contact Michaela O'Donnell, our Director of Enrollment, to discuss next steps, call us at (401) 331-2497, or fill out our online inquiry form.