Course selection flexibility at School One makes our private high school unique in RI and New England


At School One we want every student to be challenged to work to their potential. Students enroll in classes based on their skills and interests and many classes contain students from varying grade levels. So you won’t find “10th Grade English” here, but you will find an advanced first year student in the same history or science course as a junior.

  • Flexibility  Student progress is evaluated by teachers every trimester, and students can move to a higher level course at the start of any trimester.
  • Course Selection Support  Advisors work with students to select the most appealing class schedule using recommendations based on a student’s entrance exams or their prior work at School One. Students college goals also factor into their course choices.
  • We Keep It Interesting  There are multiple courses at any given skill level to appeal to students interested in different kinds of content. For example, a student with intermediate writing skills might have a choice between a course on dystopian literature or a course on literature that delves into American history.
  • Choice  Like at many colleges, students always have a week at the beginning of the trimester to change classes if it’s not the right fit.
  • Small Class Size  None of our classes ever is larger than fifteen students, and classes with fifteen are rare. Teachers in small classes can easily respond to students’ questions, provide extra help, or allow students to tailor projects to their own interests.