Every Monday at School One begins with General Meeting, a student-led gathering where anyone can speak. On any given Monday, Lesly might announce a poetry reading or Laurie an upcoming field trip. Jake may bring up the political situation in the Middle East, or Siobhan could lead us in a song about homework, sung to a Katy Perry tune.

When I look around the room I see a vibrant collection of happy students, each with a story to tell. I see students dressed from preppy to urban eclectic. But what I don’t see is more important. I don’t see labels or cliques.

School One is a rare blend of rigorous, non-competitive, and supportive. Our small classes are similar to college seminars — filled with student voices, debate, and meaningful questions about the world. Our teachers know every student and support them in achieving their best. Our graduates go on to an impressive array of colleges and art schools. They routinely tell us that they meet few other students who loved high school like they did.

Founded in 1973, School One has honed the initial vision of its founders, a group of parents who sought a creative, personalized experience missing from the large, one-size-fits-all approach at most high schools. School One is a place where students and teachers are treated with respect, where creativity and debate are celebrated, and where classes are relevant. Then as now, students have a genuine role in shaping their high school experience.

In other ways, School One has changed over the years. We’ve honed our curriculum, we’ve beautified our building, and we’ve established a financial aid endowment so we can remain accessible to students from all kinds of backgrounds. We’ve also launched a Literary Center that draws professional writers from the region to offer courses for our students and adults and teens from the broader community.

The best way to understand School One’s magic is to visit us in person. You've got an open invitation to experience the School One community in action. I look forward to seeing you.

Christopher Hayes
Head of School