October 14, 2020

Dear School One Community,

Fourteen years ago, I was happily working as an educational researcher at Brown University when I learned that School One was looking for a Head of School. I jumped. It was my dream job and the work has proved as gratifying as I’d hoped. Now, I’m writing to let you know that I will be leaving School One at the end of this year to lead another school that I admire deeply: The Commonwealth School in Boston from which I graduated in 1981.

I am immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last 14 years (and at School One, it’s always a “we” – a true collaborative effort). I am proud of the way we’ve practiced our mission day in and day out. In these divisive times, I’m even more appreciative of School One’s culture of inclusion, celebration of difference, cultivation of deep learning and creative expression. My life has been enriched beyond measure by all of the students, parents, staff, board and alumni who make up our community.

I will leave School One at the end of this year in the strong hands of an incredibly talented staff and faculty and with a committed Board of Directors. They will make sure that School One continues to thrive in the years ahead. I will be assisting them in every way possible to ensure a smooth transition. I will remain a life-long champion of School One, a donor, and a proud part of its vibrant history. I hope you will join in the effort to ensure that the next years are even better.

Jennifer Borman
Head of School

Dear School One Community,

As you may have heard, our intrepid and talented Head of School, Jennifer Borman, will be moving on to a new position at her alma mater in Boston, the Commonwealth School. This is an exciting career move for Jennifer and an excellent opportunity for her to expand her leadership skills and foster a new community. While we all will miss Jennifer, I fully support her decision to further her career.

Jennifer will be leaving School One in a very strong position after her 14-year tenure. She has brought energy, vision, wisdom, common sense, and fiscal acumen to the school. She helped foster academic rigor, launch innovative new programs such as the international student program, and especially the literary center and intergenerational programs. The building has been substantially renovated and upgraded in many ways from new furniture to new lighting to a state-of-the-art ventilation and window system. Most importantly, Jennifer has helped build our endowment, our financial aid offerings, and the overall financial health of School One. She has been an eloquent advocate for School One over the past 14 years. She has consistently enhanced the school’s visibility and reputation. We go forward in a strong position, and as a result, are prepared for the many changes and challenges that will continue to come our way.

Leadership change brings opportunity to enhance our vision, renew our programs, and develop new paths forward. We have a tremendous community of stellar teachers and staff, incredible students and families, and a talented and engaged Board of Directors. We are beginning steps already for the search for our next Head of School. We will work together as a community to ensure a successful search and a smooth transition. I am confident that we will find a great successor to Jennifer, in large part because of the strong position in which she is leaving School One. I will be in touch regularly to update you about next steps. For now, please join me in thanking Jennifer for her years of outstanding service.

Janet Grace Krueger
Board President