Special Education - A Painting of a hand holding a star.

Special Education in Rhode Island

Services, Yes, Stigma, No

Our students are here because they want to be in an environment where acceptance and mutual respect rule the day. (Those who do not arrive with this mindset are quickly set straight by their peers!) All students benefit from School One’s unusually supportive atmosphere.

Our Inclusion Model Works

Students with mild-to-moderate learning differences are fully integrated into our college-prep program. They thrive at School One not only because they receive appropriate supports, but because they learn to take ownership of their educational and personal goals.

Staff Work Together to Support Students

Our special education coordinator meets one-on-one with students in resource classes, develops classroom accommodations with teachers and manages communication among all parties. The coordinator meets weekly with teachers to monitor students' progress. School One's social worker also consults with faculty and staff to support students socially and emotionally, as needed.

Our Low-Stress School Offers a New Start

We have great success with students with ADHD, anxiety, Aspergers, HFA and depression whose prior school settings felt inhospitable or overwhelming. With School One’s lack of crowded hallways or excess noise (no loud bells, P.A. system or alarms), many are able to relax at school for the first time, and to focus on learning with little, if any, extra support.

Find out why so many of our students say School One is the way high school should be!

"My goal is to minimize the impact of disability on each student while simultaneously maintaining access to rigorous learning experiences that lead to growth. I strive to maintain high expectations and develop a nurturing, supportive and positive relationship with each individual."


 Lucy McKenna
Special Education Coordinator