Two students share a laugh outside SchoolOne.

Why Give?

From the start, School One’s faculty and staff have recognized the potential of each and every student who has come through the door. They have modeled respect and kindness, provided an individualized education and, most importantly, inspired them to become better versions of themselves as they grow and mature.

We enroll teenagers who yearn to engage their artistic or intellectual passion, who need a second chance, who want the independence to direct their own learning or who seek a caring environment where they are safe and supported. We guide each along his or her path to self-fulfillment.

In this way, we have been transforming the lives of young adults for four decades.

Which are you?

If you’ve been that lucky student, or have seen School One’s transformative effect on other young people, you understand the value of what we do. Please help us continue to invest in our students’ futures with your investment in School One.

Come for a tour and see the impact your support is having on School One students!


“My son and family are so grateful for the financial assistance School One was able to offer that allowed him to attend the school of his choice. We have full faith that School One is providing a strong educational foundation for all of his future endeavors.”

Susan Leahy
Current Parent