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College Counseling

The Counselor is in!

Because of our small size, juniors and seniors have the luxury of meeting with our college counselor, Cary Honig as often as needed. As with all things School One, he and the students’ advisors help them find colleges and art schools that fit their preferences, dreams and goals. Parents are invited to two college presentations while their students are in 11th and 12th grades (including information about financial aid). They receive a series of emails to help them understand the application process, including reminders of what needs to happen next and when college reps will be visiting School One. Parents are welcome to request additional meetings with Cary about their children’s college search.

Junior Year To-Do List

All students take the PSAT during the fall of their junior year and the SAT in the spring. Students are advised about taking the SAT II tests, required by many competitive colleges. Based on the student’s input, Cary draws up a preliminary list of schools that meet his or her criteria. Families should begin looking at prospective schools during school vacations and over the summer.

The Senior Essay

Students write a first draft of their Senior Essay during the summer between junior and senior year. This essay becomes the basis for most students’ personal statements, which they’ll send as part of their college applications.

Senior Year

Seniors collaborate with their advisors and Cary to refine their college lists. By fall or winter, most will have chosen a post-secondary school plan that best captures their strengths and ambitions. This is presented at the student’s Graduation Board of Review to demonstrate that the student is fully prepared to graduate.

Helpful Links for Juniors and Seniors

To register for the PSAT and SATs, go to The College Board website:

School One's College Board code is 400188.

For information about financing a college education, go to the College Planning Center of Rhode Island:

Visit BigFuture for a Step-By-Step Guide to College Planning

Visit to plan out the steps to take during each year of high school.

The Complete Guide to College Admissions:

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