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Every Monday at School One begins with General Meeting, a student-led gathering where anyone can speak. On any given Monday, Lesly might announce a poetry reading or Laurie an upcoming field trip. Jake may bring up the political situation in the Middle East, or Siobhan could lead us in a goofy song about homework, sung to a Katy Perry tune.

When I look around the room I see a vibrant collection of happy students, each with his or her own story. I see students dressed in a variety of fashions – from preppy to retro to urban eclectic. But I don’t see labels or cliques.

School One is rigorous, but supportive. Our graduates go on to an amazing array of colleges and art schools. They routinely tell us how few other freshmen they meet who actually loved high school.

Founded in 1973, School One has held on to many of the core values of its founders, a group of parents who sought an alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach at most high schools. We offer a place where students and teachers are treated with respect, where creativity and debate are celebrated and where classes are meaningful and relevant. Then as now, students have a genuine role in shaping their high school experience.

Communities are defined by the ways their members are alike. Ours, by contrast, values each individual and the different ways he or she will grow, learn and stretch. We invite you to see our community in action – on a Monday, or any day of the week!

Jennifer Borman

Jennifer Borman


“Like its students, School One defies easy labels. It’s by far the most nurturing, inclusive and diverse high school I’ve seen during my 25 years in education.”

Jennifer Borman

Jennifer Borman
Head of School


About Jennifer

Jennifer was hired in 2007 from Brown University’s Education Alliance, where she focused on educational innovations in literacy, teacher development, technology and school improvement. This is her second round at School One, having taught English at the school from 1985-89.