School Community - Two students in our community

School Community

Our emphasis on inclusiveness, respect and collaboration leads to many points of entry for those who want a say in who we are and what we can do for one another.

  • Students serve on administrative committees, such as Admissions, Discipline, Hiring and Facility. They run weekly General Meetings, elect a representative to the Board of Directors and help to define school policies, as described in our handbook (pdf, 591KB). 
  • Parents welcome and support new families and plan events through the School One Family Association, or SOFA. (Contact us to find out more about SOFA.) Parents also participate in the strategic planning process and Scholar Dollars, and serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Alumni mentor and inspire current students by talking with them about their careers, arranging internships and sharing how their School One experiences shaped them.
  • The Board of Directors devotes countless hours to their work on behalf of the school. They bring diverse expertise, perspectives and aspirations about what a progressive education entails.
  • Alumni parents continue to support School One in numerous ways so that future families can benefit from its empowering program.

See what our alumni have to say about their School One experiences!

Board of Directors

  • David Kellogg  (President)
  • Doug Best (Vice President)
  • Doreen Burgers (Treasurer)
  • Janet Krueger (Secretary)
  • Chris Bailey
  • Douglas Batt
  • Jenny Boone
  • Michael Fox (Alternate Staff Representative)
  • Lucy McKenna (Staff Representative)
  • Steve Murphy (Parent Representative)
  • Timi-Ann X. Neri (’88)
  • Michaela O’Donnell ('87)
  • Ted Orson
  • Julisse Sabater (Student Representative)
  • Gail Skowron
  • Paul Stepney
  • Mari-ann Sullivan
  • Alison Townsend
  • Marshall Vale (’89)
  • Camille Vollaro
  • Karen Weavill


“In other schools there are cliques where you only hang out with the same kids, but not here. Everyone hangs out with everyone. You could be ‘that’ kid at another school, but here you’re like the coolest kid ever.”

Mathias McGonigle