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Write Rhode Island

You can now SUBMIT your story for Write Rhode Island! Click the submit button and upload your story. Write Rhode Island is short fiction competition for Rhode Island students in grades 8 through 12 sponsored by School One and Goat Hill!


School One awarded competitive Seeding Artful Aging grant for new inter-generational Humanities program, Working Stories

Working Stories is School One’s new inter-generational arts project bringing together high school students and adults over 65 to creatively explore life and work experiences through storytelling. A program unique to Rhode Island, Working Stories bridges the gap between generations with art making, storytelling, sharing and learning. Working Stories is supported in part by Aroha Philanthropies’ new initiative, Seeding Artful Aging and School One was selected as one of only 15 nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. to receive a grant from Aroha Philanthropies and as you can imagine we’re thrilled and proud.


Check out this video our 2010 alums Evan Krueger and Liam Dailey made as an independent project during their senior year. Evan, who directed, is now studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Liam, who composed and performed the music, is at Bennington College.